Monday, March 18, 2013

4 yr old for sale

There is a little boy at my house who is free for the taking if this doesn't come out!!!!
 As I came around the corner I found Drostan wildly drawing an X on the living room carpet with a RED crayon!
I guess he thought he was a pirate. I say guess because when asked why he did it all he says is "I don't know."
X marks the spot.....I don't think so unless you count the spot we bury him.
He placed it front and center as you walk into the room and you can't miss it. After working on it for over an hour it has lightened to an orange but you can still vividly see the X.
I should mention this is 2 days after I spent 5 hours cleaning the front room with my new carpet cleaner. I guess I'll keep working on it and see if I get any takers on the kid.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Angry birds birthday

Drostan turned 4.
Wow can he really be that old? He really loves the game angry birds so I decided to do an angry birds themed b-day party for him. For any who are not familiar with "angry birds" it is a very popular and addicting video game. The story behind it is there are some naughty pigs that stole the bird's eggs and hid themselves in a tower. The birds get "angry" and try to get thier eggs back by knocking down the tower, smashing the pigs. Your part in the game is to sling shot the birds into the tower. There are several different colored birds, each has it's own special skill to get to the pigs. I don't actually play the game so I don't know exactly what each bird does, but just ask Drostan and he can tell you. Anyway, I searched the internet and found some fun ideas and well, went crazy!
Drostan helping with preparations. 

We made red, yellow and blue angry birds and pig cupcakes.

Balloons got a makeover also.

Birdy drinks.

Birdy food.

Even Grayson liked to eat like "birds."
After lunch we played games...
For any who have played angry birds, you recognize this.

Each kid got a chance to throw the angry birds and try to knock down the tower on those naughty pigs.

Even the grown ups had fun with  this one.

There was an angry birds coloring station as well as other fun crafts.
 We made pig and bird masks.

Finally, it was time for cake...cupcakes.

We all had a great time.

Here are Drostan's presents I made him. He loved them ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let the fun begin

Drostan had his first t-ball game. He had a great time hitting, fielding balls and playing 1st base. (He's the one in the blue and red spiderman hat :)